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Apidays India 2022 – Speaker Highlight: Brajesh De, Fresh Gravity


Organizations often fail to reap the benefits of their API investments due to the absence of a thriving API Ecosystem. An API ecosystem consists of all users in the API value chain viz. API Developer, API Provider, API Consumer, App Developers, Business Partners and all those entities who are direct or indirect users of APIs.  When an ecosystem begins to develop, APIs bring new value by driving innovation in many ways. It increases partnership, opens up new channels of revenue streams and provides new user experiences and thus drives business growth. Overall a thriving API ecosystem drives your ROI. 


Many organizations in spite of investing heavily on building APIs, have failed to build an effective ecosystem that can drive growth. So what is the success mantra for building a thriving API ecosystem? In this session, I will be sharing my views from practical experiences of building a successful API Ecosystem. The session will provide guidance to a structured approach to build the ecosystem.  However, the journey is not without pitfalls. Hence, the session will also cover some of the major pitfalls around API design, security, monetization models and more to avoid. It will cover some of the best practices to follow that will help to attract partners and consumers for your APIs and help in building a thriving API ecosystem. 


Brajesh is Sr. Director with Fresh Gravity Leading their API Management and Integration practice Globally. He has close to 25 years of industry experience specialized in API Management and Cloud Integration space. He led many large scale Digital Transformation projects helping enterprises across industries in laying out API First strategy and executed some of them on multi-cloud platforms. He is a thought leader with differentiated PoVs presented through various channels like  authoring a book on API Management, published by Apress, articles published on LinkedIn and Blogs. His innovations are   Patented and granted across 4 countries in some of key areas like API Assessment and data veracity. He is a Google certified Cloud Security architect and MIT certified Application Security Architect.

Prior to Fresh Gravity he has worked with Accenture, Apigee and Wipro as Global API capability lead,  Principal Architect, and Lead integration architect respectively”

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