API Business Models

Internal and external API monetization, generating revenue from customers through direct or indirect API business models.

API Business Models

How to determine business models for APIs products?

I often see confusion with the words "business model" and "revenue model". Especially when talking about APIs. The business model covers all aspects of running a business or a product line, from customer segments, to channels, to operational activities, resources, and costs.  Revenue model, indirect or direct, only covers the way in which the company receives money or compensation from a product or service. What we need to consider is that APIs can play many roles in a company’s business model. Even if we talk about "API as a product"...
API Business Models

What is the tipping point between an API aware company to an API driven company?

Often you get anything related to APIs thrown into IT’s table and considered a purely IT issue. Also, you might have lots of APIs in your company, you just don’t know about it. APIs enable many mobile applications and SaaS software integrations. Just using the APIs for internal use is like storing them in a warehouse to gather dust. APIs should not be used only as a building material for “apps”  in one organizational silo.  Look for these signs in your company to see how API-driven you are: You have...
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