Kin Lane

Kin Lane

Kin Lane is a writer, storyteller, and recovering technologists. Kin is the Chief Evangelist at Postman, and is helping share the story of how Postman is the next generation of API development environment (ADE), while also continuing to tell API stories on API Evangelist about what is happening across the API sector.
API Business Models

The Myth of One API Service Provider to Do It All

I hear enterprise organizations say that they need a single service provider to offer a bundle of services that meets all of their needs. I’d say this is the result of years of being told by analysts and API management providers that they were in need of a one size fits all tool. There is this strange dance that exists between enterprise leadership, analysts, and API service providers that evolve these narratives, leaving them as truths when it comes to infrastructure procurement. Sure, you have your bedrock solutions like source...
API Lifecycle Management

API Management to API Gateway and Beyond

It has been a while since I stepped back to assess the world of API management. API Evangelist was founded on the premise of studying and understanding API management, so it makes sense after a decade to spend a moment thinking deeply about the circus tent we have called API management. I will be working with my partner in crime in the Postman Open Technology (OT) group Kevin Swiber to really make sense of this subject over the next year, but to help guide our efforts I wanted to take...
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