DX, API Design & Documentation

Best practices on Developer experience and Developer portal, API design principles and API documentation methodologies

DX, API Design & Documentation

How to start an API program using APIOps Cycles method

Starting out or switching gears with an organizations API program or any transformation program is not a task to take on lightly. I have discovered this multiple times during all the 20 years I have worked with strategy, management, organizational change, architecture and APIs. When I was working at a big retailer and after that as a consultant and strategic transformation "agent" in a large ICT consulting company, I noticed some problems. I worked with internal teams and multi-vendor external teams. I was successful with the teams I worked with...
DX, API Design & Documentation

Best Practices for Engaging and Helping Developers at Every Stage of Their Conversion Funnel

If your business model involves selling to developers, you probably have already realized that much of the traditional processes and metrics applicable to traditional enterprise sales or consumer marketing don’t work. Specifically, selling to developers usually means attracting them to your platform and helping them succeed in building something, whether that’s a new app, integration, or automating an internal process. Getting developers to adopt your platform can be daunting and requires investment in product, onboarding and developer experience, and documentation. However, there are few tools product managers and developer relations...
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