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DX, API Design & Documentation

Unleashing business agility with API-led integration

Dan Temkin is a Senior Product Manager at IBM Automation. In this article, Dan discusses unleashing business agility with API-led integration. We have seen some challenges in the marketplace over the last few years. The great digital shift - In the last year, we did ten years of digitization projects. Growing complexity - 80% of organizations have over 1000 applications in their portfolio today. We want to ensure that all those different applications can be accessed as APIs. Attrition skill gap – Worldwide, we had 4.3 million people quit in...
DX, API Design & Documentation

Role of APIs in System Design

Shobha Ramu Shivaiah is a Senior Software Development Manager with Amazon music. System design is a huge concept and plays a huge role in development. This article discusses the role of APIs in system design. System Design  System Design is an organized process of defining a system's architecture, data, and definition. In a large-scale system, the transaction volume is huge. System design doesn't solve just the immediate problems but tries to solve future problems and put your system in a situation where all the anticipated issues can be resolved. It's...
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