API Lifecycle Management

How to run an API program and manage the full API lifecycle governance across all the organization

API Lifecycle Management

API Management to API Gateway and Beyond

It has been a while since I stepped back to assess the world of API management. API Evangelist was founded on the premise of studying and understanding API management, so it makes sense after a decade to spend a moment thinking deeply about the circus tent we have called API management. I will be working with my partner in crime in the Postman Open Technology (OT) group Kevin Swiber to really make sense of this subject over the next year, but to help guide our efforts I wanted to take...
API Lifecycle Management

API Strategies for Banks and FinTechs in an Open Banking World

This article by Matthias Biehl from Software AG talks about API strategy for banks and FinTechs in an open banking world. The article will look at the past, present, and future of banking products to understand what strategies we should apply. In the past, banking as we know it was a bundling of separate banking products into a big mass-market banking product. What we experience at present with open banking and open finance is an unbundling of this mass-market banking and spans many different banking products. When we look into...
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